So I spent last week in Seattle, where it rained, almost constantly, because it’s Seattle.

I could have lived without coming home to a massive rainstorm too though. It’s not warm enough for me to be tolerant and gracious about that crap.

But it’s finally sunny today, so I’ve got that going for me…


Another life lesson…

Don’t floss your teeth harder than usual and then eat pineapple.

It won’t go well for you.

Learn from my fail.

Getting it done…

I remember hearing or reading somewhere that the optimal number of things on your to do list is seven, to actually be able to achieve them.

I do recall, also, at the time, laughing derisively at anyone who only has seven things on their to-do list, but it has more recently got me thinking about how I often am busy, but feel unproductive.

So I started trying to list seven things. Big, small, but seven. When I hit Seven, I move them to the next day.

It’s not always feasible, but it does help me set better limits for how to either assess what I can reasonably get done (seven tasks that constitute ‘send an email to ‘x’ about ‘y’ don’t count), but also express limits on my energy expenditure. I can’t reasonably expect myself to have a full day, come home, and knock off a second full to-do list every night.

So if I can only manage to do the dishes, or do laundry, or work on a project, that’s ok. I need to stop expecting myself to do all of them at once, and do what I can. Which works better in theory than in practice when I feel like crap about things piling up, but one step at a time.

Work out…

Isn’t this garbage supposed to make me feel better? I just feel old.

And tired.

Though a lot of that might be once again I’ve decided to bite off more than I can chew and do ALL THE THINGS. Start consulting again, taking videos of stuff I make (which I’m already getting requests for making certain things and filming it), food, selling my crafting stuff online, among a dozen other things.

Because I always was utter shite at focusing on a single thing. I get bored, it’s not pretty.


I usually keep something on in the background when I’m working. Especially if it’s a complex task, I opt for ambient instrumental music. I fire up youtube and find some stream that runs for several hours at a time so I don’t have to think about it.

There’s one that comes up every now and again, and it has sounded a bit familiar. At first I thought it was because I’d listened to the track before.

Now I’m 95% sure it’s because it’s the background music for Pillars of Eternity (maybe PoE2? don’t remember, one of the two).

The reason this was of particular note? I had made a comment of it being the most generic fantasy music I had heard in a while in a game. And the tavern music was also ‘generic tavern 47’.

Especially with a well crafted game with a small developer, it’s easy to forget they would likely not have had the budget to hire a composer to do the soundtrack, and there’s no shame in open source.

It’s just weird to hear it out of context.


The best part of being an adult means I don’t need an excuse to eat cheesecake, or make cheesecake, whenever I want.

And there just so happens to be a block of cream cheese in the freezer that needs to be used up.

Oh gee, whatever am I to do? I’ll have to break out the oreos and make single serve cheesecake. Woe is me…

I went to the gym, give me my cheesecake.


I do so many different crafts; it’s a little silly, but at the same time, I like to learn new things.

Sure, I spend my days learning new things for work, and various other things I do, but it’s not quite the same as experimenting with something tangible and you have a definitive success or failure for.

So my sister lent me her good camera, and I might pick up a microphone and try and create tutorials for people, or even just watch me blunder my way through random projects because, hey, why not? Why should only the dog get to see my failures?