On the Horizon…

I envy those who are able to completely ignore all past experiences and say ‘well, maybe this time it will be different’.

Same conditions, same players, same idiocy? And yet you somehow expect a different result.

I envy your insanity.

Though they do make way for my patented I Told You So moments.


Stacking the Deck…

I spend a lot of time working on various projects with the assumption that eventually, if you throw enough stuff at a wall, something will stick.

And when things don’t, one has the tendency to go through a cycle of ‘screw everything’ to ‘try EVERYTHING’ (the later usually involving panic and possibly burnout if one is not cautious to not overdo it).

But at some point, something comes together and all the bullshit is worth it.


Changing Cricket’s food has always been a bit of an… adventure.

Usually in the ‘oh my god cat, you stink!’ variety.

So I’ve taken to blending different brands of food when we transition from one to another, like you should.

The gassy cat sitting on the chair beside me tells me it’s  probably not helping.

Growing season…

It feels like it’s been a long winter already (early snowfall does that), but more than usual I’m starting to miss plants.

I’m seriously debating getting a little (“little”) countertop growing station for herbs or something just so I can actually get a little green in the house.

When I try plants on their own, they usually do alright until I end up having to hide them from the cats, then they die because there isn’t enough light…

Now with just the one monkey left, maybe my plants will stand a chance.